• nguyen trang 240

    White Whole 240

  • nguyen trang 320

    White Whole 320

  • nguyen vang 240

    Scorched Whole 240

  • dieu mat ong   200g

    Honey Roasted Cashew - 200g

  • hu dieu rang khong muoi   450g

    Unsalted Roasted Cashew - 450g

  • samurai   dieu mu tat   200g

    Samurai - Wasabi Cashew - 200g

  • dieu rang cui   co muoi    450g

    Salted Roasted Cashew With Edible Inner Shell ...


Vision: CASNA strive to 2020, Vision 2030 to become one of the strongest brands top of Vietnam's industries.

Mission: To our customers, our orientations are to always listen, to cater their demand and to cooperate for benefit sharing for all parties. We keep to our following:

  • To supply the right grades.
  • To supply with correct weight.
  • To supply clean products.
  • Fullfil customer demand.
  • Shipment on time.
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